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Health Acknowledgement Check In

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Students must complete the MDCPS Personal Site Record and Health Acknowledgment Form daily, prior to accessing any Adult Education Center facilities. Please be prepared to present the email confirmation upon entering the school.

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Los estudiantes, antes de entrar al centro de adulto, deberán completar el Formulario de Reconocimiento de Salud y Registro Personal del Sitio todos los días. Prepárate para presentar el correo electrónico de confirmación, antes de ingresar a la escuela.

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Elèv yo dwe ranpli Dosye Pèsonèl ak Fòm pou Rekonèt koman Sante Yo Ye chak jou, anvan Yo jwenn aksè nan nenpòt Sant Edikasyon pou Granmoun yo. Tanpri, prepare pou prezante konfimasyon Imèl la lè ou antre nan lekòl la.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to the new school year of William H. Turner Technical Arts Adult & Community Education Center.  We are excited about another successful year collaborating with the staff and community to ensure our students receive an unparalleled education experience. Being a student at “Turner Tech” will provide individual students with the skills necessary to enter the workforce successfully, pursue post-secondary education and enhance their opportunities for future careers.

As Principal of this prestigious institution, I pledge to hold students, faculty, and staff to high expectations ensuring that all stakeholders are doing their best to provide our adult learners the highest level of education possible. In addition to our vocational programs, (Air Conditioning/Refrigeration and Heating Technology, Barbering, Building Construction, Carpentry, Customer Care, Electricity, Patient Care, Plumbing, Welding, and 40-HR Child Care), we also offer high school completion courses (course recovery), High School Diploma, GED/ABE and ESOL classes.

As the job market becomes more technological and competitive, getting an edge on the competition is what is embedded in our students in the vocational department. Students are exposed to real-life working situations and simulation which mirrors the working environment. I am honored to lead such an outstanding school and eagerly anticipate a rewarding and successful year.  We invite you to contact the school after 2:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Please feel free to contact us with questions at (305) 691-8324.


Mr. Uwezo B. Frazier, Principal

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